Why This Could Be An Ideal Time To Sell A Vacant Home

As a prestige vacation destination, the Coronado area has a relatively high percentage of homes that are only used for part of the year.

And if you own a property that's currently vacant here and have been thinking of selling it, the present situation can arguably make that property more attractive to buyers.

The enhanced marketability of vacant homes at the moment is something that is gaining national recognition.

Quite clearly this group of homes neatly circumnavigates some buyer concerns and makes the showing process less complex.

Indeed there have even been press articles that suggest, if it's practical, to move out of the property during the selling process. Much easier, of course, if it's not your only home.

Of course another important point is that, here in Coronado, there's nothing unusual about selling vacant homes, even in more normal times, so it's a situation that we're very used to handling. The only key difference at the moment is that we are of course working within safe best practice guidelines.

All home types have been selling in this pandemic, with lots of technical innovations and very motivated buyers still out there, but there are some clear potential advantages if no one is currently living in the property.

Please don't hesitate to contact us at 619-886-0175 if you'd like to explore the possibilities of selling a vacant home at the present time.

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