Why Real Estate Information Technology Is So Vital Right Now

The current situation we all find ourselves in has of course meant that so many things are not as we knew them merely a few weeks ago.

Inevitably, residential real estate has also felt the impact of this, but is in fact incredibly well set up to cope with the present encumbrances.

Now classified as an essential service in California, buying and selling residential real estate is continuing in line with a range of safe best practices and a far greater emphasis than ever before on the already well established information technology ecosystem that the industry has operated within for many years now.

From website listings with incredible digital photography and virtual "walkaround" online tours, online marketing and conferencing to financing applications/approval and electronic document signing, it is possible to go from the initial stages of home searching to closing the deal without ever leaving your sofa.

Of course nothing ever replaces visiting a home in person, but in situations where that is just not possible at the moment, or where the buyer is purchasing from a remote location, those  who need to purchase right now can still absolutely do so. This is reflected in the high number of sales we've closed in recent weeks.

The key thrust of real estate information technology has been to streamline and simplify the entire house purchasing process, so the really good news for buyers and sellers is that everything is able to run smoothly using very established electronic communication techniques that don't need a test run in the unique scenario we're all coping with at the moment.

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