Why Own a Coronado Vacation Home?

Have you ever considered buying a vacation home?

This is something we have tremendous experience in, not least as Coronado is a premier holiday destination and so many people have purchased an additional home here.

Here are some of the great benefits:

Change of scenery - While your work may demand that you can't always be by the beach, what better than having a permanent address in a dream location such as Coronado. This makes holidays and weekends even more special as you have a place that you can call your own that's yours to use whenever you want, without all the impersonalities of staying in a hotel. Even if you work from home, having an additional property is a great opportunity for a change of scenery that may be inspiring, especially if you are in a creative profession.

Weather - What better than to escape from a cold winter climate to a fabulous location with great weather all year round, let alone one with all the incredible facilities and attractions of the Coronado area!

Be on vacation instantly - Creating your own space means that you are on vacation the moment you step inside the property, with all the comforts of home and no "setting in" time.

Passive income - If you'll only use the home from time to time, consider the merits of renting it out when you're not using it. Although there are local restrictions on very short term rentals, a lot of people are looking for a great property for an extended stay of several weeks or more. This enables you to actually derive extra income from the home and, with hugely popular sites like Airbnb, marketing rental property has never been easier or more straightforward and cost effective.

Long term investment - Real estate is proven as arguably the most reliable long term investment. And there will always be demand for great homes in such a desirable area as Coronado.

Retirement - If your work means you cannot permanently move here, never lose sight that buying what is a vacation home for now can easily become your full time residence when you retire. Better still, you'll be completely familiar with the location and the actual move will be much simpler than leaving everything until you retire. There could also be significant cost advantages in buying well ahead of that time.

Tax - There can be significant tax advantages to owning a second home, but you will need to seek the advice of your trusted financial advisor for specific advice in your own situation.

These are just a few of the key advantages of buying a vacation home here. With over two decades of market leading experience in helping people in this area, we are uniquely placed to offer you advice on the best strategies, tailored to your specific circumstances. Why not call us at 619-886-0175.

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