Why Lots Of Space Matters More To Buyers In Today's Homes Market

The pandemic we are living through has had many effects on our lives. It has also significantly impacted on our buying habits.

The most obvious manifestation of this is how much more we now buy online including, as we've previously observed in this blog, a growing acceptance of buying a home virtually.

According to a Harris Poll commissioned by Zillow, almost a quarter of people questioned said that social distancing recommendations might drive a desire to move. Zillow also notes that larger homes and more rooms with offices to accommodate more working from home could be attractive.

While this might seem to be a trigger for a mass exodus to rural areas, the report also says that a strong desire to stay close to restaurants and entertainment amenities could prevent this.

31% of survey respondents said they would consider moving in order to live in a home with a dedicated office space, 30% said they would move to live in a larger home and 29% said they would move to live in a home with more rooms.

Zillow has also carried out other research that shows more people are considering moving as an option.

All this is presumably a result of people having spent more time in their homes than they have probably ever done and thus posing questions they might not have thought of until now.

And let's not also forget that more spare time at home means that casual home browsing online is an increasingly common and fun pastime, suggesting the possibility of alternative residences.

According to a Zillow lifestyle expert, fire pits have grown in popularity recently and homes mentioning this feature in their listing narrative seem to have an advantage right now.

Homeowners currently need more from their homes than ever and this creates clear opportunities for sellers offering great facilities and a good amount of space. Yards are also likely to be used more extensively than hitherto, hence the appeal of a fire pit as a fulcrum for family get togethers.

And as winter approaches, it's a fair bet that home theaters might be seen as an even more attractive option.

If you're considering listing your home that ticks most of these boxes, you could have a significant edge with many of today's highly motivated buyers. Why not contact us at 619-886-0175 for an informal discussion of the possibilities.

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