What Sustainable Home Features Are Important To Buyers?

We were interested to read the newly released “2020 REALTORS® & Sustainability Report” released by the National Association of REALTORS®.

Based on a survey of responses of nearly 10,000 real estate professionals, the report says that 61% of respondents said that residential consumers were "very or somewhat" interested in home features that promoted sustainability.

With the ever growing profile of environmental issues, this shouldn't come as a surprise to home sellers. But it clearly illustrates that homes built/equipped with sustainable features will gain an advantage that is only likely to become more important in the marketing process.

We highly recommend you look at the full report by clicking here. However here's a list of various features that respondents felt were very important, in descending order in terms of the percentage of respondents valuing each feature (figures in parentheses indicate the percentage who regarded each feature as "somewhat important").

Proximity to frequently visited places - 39% (47%)
Windows/Doors/Siding (e.g. age/quality) - 39% (48%)
Comfortable living space - 38% (40%)
Utility bills/operating costs - 25% (52%)
Commuting Costs - 18% (38%)
Impact of extreme weather - 17% (27%)
Efficient use of lighting - 10% (39%)
Smart/connected home - 8% (38%)
Green community features (e.g. bike lanes/green spaces) - 8% (31%)
Landscaping for water conservation - 7% (26%)
Renewable energy systems (e.g. solar/geothermal) - 3% (23%)

Obviously location related advantages, promoting cheaper energy costs and lower carbon emissions, are factors that you cannot change. But aspects such as incorporating smart features, the air tightness of windows and doors, efficiency of lighting, heating and air conditioning systems are very much in your control.

And it's important to remember that even if energy costs aren't of much concern to high net worth home buyers, conservation of energy may be incredibly important to them from an ethical/environmental standpoint.

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