What Are Millennials Looking For In A Coronado Home?

Millennials (those who reached adulthood in the early 2000s) have for some time been the largest group of homebuyers in the USA.

There's a good possibility, therefore, that if your Coronado home is in the right sector of the market that you may well be attracting interest in this demographic.

We thought it might be helpful to give you some brief insights into the mindset of millennials, in terms of what ticks their boxes when home hunting:

Time is tight - Millennials almost invariably seem to have very busy lifestyles and to suffer from extreme time poverty. It's unlikely, therefore, that a "fixer upper" type of home will not be for them. They just don't have the time for it. So if your home is essentially "turnkey" and would allow the new owners to seamlessly move in without any work needed to the property, it could well be of interest to millennials. Remember also that hectic work schedules may demand that you'll need to be flexible, if hard working young buyers ask to view at an unusual time of day or night. It could be the only spare time they have...

Modern presentation matters - Being such busy people, as well as tech savvy, means that millennials will often be looking for their homes on their mobile devices. It's absolutely vital, therefore, that your home is shown using excellent attention grabbing photography (something we do as standard). It's also important to ensure that your agent's website is a fully "responsive" design, like the one you're on right now, so that property images and details display correctly on phones, tablets etc.

Convenience - Millennial lifestyles usually demand that homes are near to all the key facilities of life, such as work, shops, schools, eateries, entertainment venues etc., so if you're in a central location for these means your property will very likely be of appeal to this purchasing sector.

Patience isn't a virtue - Millennials are used to making purchases at the click of a button. While buying a home can never match that standard, it's almost certain they will want, and expect, to move fast once they have settled on the ideal place. If you have millennials showing interest, make sure you are very responsive and decisive in your interactions with them. Failure to do that may ultimately send your potential buyers elsewhere.

While millennials are, in many ways, typical buyers, they also live by a different set of purchasing standards than you may be used to. They live in a fast moving world and understanding that mindset will help you to successfully sell your home to them.

As the leader in Coronado real estate transactions for a decade, we are used to interacting with all types of buyer, so why not entrust us with helping you tailor your home sale to appeal to its most likely target market. Do call us on 619 886 0175 for specific advice or to ask any other questions related to your home sale.

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