To Swim Or Not To Swim - Weighing Up The Pros And Cons Of Owning A Pool

To many people, a pool is a highly aspirational home feature, especially in these warmest months of the year.

The benefits are so obvious and attractive. A wonderful way to cool down in hot weather, a great way to exercise, a fantastic home entertainment fulcrum, a dream feature for almost any kid.

But is making the decision to have a pool built always a total no brainer?

Like with almost anything to do with the home, there are always pros and cons.

One of the most common questions linked to pool ownership is will it add value to the home?

This can actually be a quite complex equation and, in reality, it's almost impossible to ever give a truly definitive answer.

Pool construction and installation is always going to be an expensive undertaking. Annual maintenance for some pools can run into well over a thousand dollars. There can also be homeowners insurance premium implications. Unsuprisingly, therefore, home valuation increases may not always reflect the overall financial outlay, particularly if you decide to sell soon after the pool project is completed.

You might also consider that it actually saves money in other respects, reducing costs of enjoying yourself away from a home that you will arguably be getting much more from if you can swim and enjoy hanging out in and around the pool.

The other important aspect to consider is that when you sell your home, there will be some buyers who find the inclusion of a pool to quite possibly be the deciding factor when evaluating competing properties. On the other side of the coin, other buyers will not have no interest, for whatever reason, in a pool and will not welcome the costs of upkeep of a feature they don't personally value or wish to use.

In the end, the most important question is to ask yourself how important having a private pool is to your and your family's lifestyle, rather than regarding it as some form of reliable investment.

There isn't a cookie cutter solution and ultimately you must make your own determination as to whether the plusses outweigh the minuses or not.

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