This Is The Moment To Rediscover The Potential Of Your Home

The lockdown isn't easy for many of us Coronado folk who love the stunning outdoor life here.

The recent news that Coronado beaches are now officially closed until further notice, even for walks at appropriate social distancing, inevitably reinforces those feelings.

But there is an underlying positive here.

Given that we're probably spending more time than ever in our homes, in a sense there's an unprecedented opportunity to really reconnect with them.

Busy lives often mean that we don't always get to realize the full potential of our homes. Right now home is at the very center of our world in a way very few of us could ever have imagined.

Rather than feeling that we are confined to our homes, there's a chance to enjoy them more than we ever have.

The beautiful homes that abound in Coronado often have spectacular views, but how often do we really kick back and enjoy them in normal times...

If your home has, for example, a games room, how often do you use it? Does that home cinema you built stay empty sometimes for weeks? Is your pool something you only use occasionally?

This is also an excellent moment to reassess the layout and flow of your rooms and experiment with placement of furniture, ornaments, art etc.

Clearly there are also opportunities to declutter and decorate.

Above all, it's maybe a time to be thankful for a place of tranquility, peace and happiness in the midst of such a challenging time for us all.

We hope you seize the chance to reassess what your home brings to your life and, as always, are available at 619-886-0175 to answer any questions you may have concerning real estate.

And please stay safe.

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