The Value of Focusing Your Coronado Home Search

Looking for a home should always be a pleasure, but it can be even more enjoyable if you carefully define the property you're looking for.

Great agents ask buyers a lot of questions about what sort of home they want, with the principle goal of achieving a focused search that avoids the all too easy trap of looking at so many properties that they end up confusing themselves as to what's their best option.

Clearly, it's important to establish what level of property is affordable for you. This is best achieved by seeking pre-approval for a home loan (click here to read our recent dedicated blog on the subject).

Once that is out of the way, you have instantly sharpened your focus on the list of possible homes.

What should then follow is a careful analysis of the following:
- What you need from the home.
- What you might need from the home in the long term.
- What you definitely don't want the home to be.

And here's where no two buyers' requirements are ever exactly the same. It's just not possible for agents to have a "cookie cutter" profile of what buyers in a particular market sector want. Everyone has different motivations. For some, being near to night life, restaurants and so forth make for a perfect location. For others, a secluded spot away from all the hustle and bustle is what they desire the most.

It's actually a great idea to have a meeting with all the family members who will be making the move and pool a wish list. While achieving exactly what everyone is after might not be an easy, perhaps impossible, task, you are going to get a lot nearer to the ideal home specification if you take time to define what makes up the perfect residence for all those who will be living there.

Almost inevitably, compromises will need to be made to keep everyone as happy as possible, but at the end of this process you have a pretty tight specification that will effectively act as your shopping list as you work with your agent to draw up a shortlist of properties to view.

What you should avoid, at all costs, is a checklist that fails to take account of future possibilities. If, for example, you plan on starting, or expanding, your family, try to find somewhere that will allow for this, without having to move.

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