Staging For Home Selling Success - Part 3 - Common Myths

The third in our series of Friday blogs looking at ways to present your home for sale in 2021 (or earlier).

When preparing your home for sale, it's important not to subscribe to the common myths that circulate concerning home presentation.

Here are some of the most usual misconceptions:

"My home needs to look like a showroom": Just as it's very easy to under present the home, it's equally possible to over stage it. Avoid a cold and sterile approach and try to create a warm "lived in" atmosphere. That doesn't mean that you should inject your personality into the home - a mistake we've already covered in this series. A balance needs to be struck between neat and clear presentation and some retention of the property's character.

"I love having lots of stuff around me and that's how I live": Following on from what we've already written about keeping your personality out of view, it's equally true to say that your home shouldn't be an expression of your lifestyle either unless, perhaps, you keep everything in meticulous and pristine condition, in which case please move on to the next paragraph. Clutter just gets in the way of your home viewers and it's reckoned that very few of them will be able to see beyond it.

"People will use their imaginations, won't they?": As we've just said, very few people can do this. And quite frankly why should they? Staging is, at its most fundamental level, a powerful selling technique. The key objective is to make the advantages of the home totally obvious. Perception of room size, for example, is difficult for potential buyers to envisage if there's clutter or simply too much furniture. Never leave anything to a viewer's imagination. Present your home so that its advantages over other similar properties are crystal clear.

"I can just pile all my stuff in a spare room": Most buyers, especially those who are very serious about making an offer, are likely to look around the property with microscopic detail. If you were buying the home wouldn't you do the same? So never make the mistake of thinking that the one room you've elected to throw your stuff in will escape their attention. They are almost certain to want to see it. It's a much more sound strategy to hire some storage space and put it all in there, if you simply don't want to part with a lot of it.

"Any home improvements at this stage are a waste of money. I'm moving": If your home is in need of reparations or refurbishment, don't make the mistake of overlooking these projects, just because your buyer will get most of the benefit, as you're moving. Ignoring these jobs could potentially erode your potential returns and will, inevitably, make it a lot easier for competing properties to look like a better overall deal than yours, even if they are more expensive. It's best to regard this essential work as being an investment in selling your home for top dollar in the shortest possible time frame.

"The prospect of staging my home is intimidating": You simply aren't alone in this process. There are some great home staging professionals who can take all the weight off your shoulders and provide a turnkey service. This can be a great investment. Your agent should also be well versed in what to do when preparing the home for photography and subsequent viewings.

With well over two decades of deep experience in the Coronado market, we know what buyers expect and how to advise sellers on the best strategies for home presentation. Please don't hesitate to contact us at 619-886-0175 if you have any questions on this or any other subject related to real estate.

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