Six Great Reasons To Keep Your Home On The Market

Inevitably a situation like the current one will cause some people to put off their home sale.

There can be very good and entirely understandable reasons for this, of course, but recent weeks have shown that the Coronado market is being incredibly resilient.

So today we thought we'd offer some compelling reasons to stay on the market:

People always need to move - While some home moves are somewhat discretionary, others are absolutely essential. There can be a wide range of reasons for this, including job relocation (especially military in our local market), divorce etc. And even the current situation doesn't completely change those dynamics.

There's less competition - Clearly some people will choose to defer their home sale for the time being, which means that you're likely to be listing at a time when there's less competition. This increases your market visibility and can also afford a more robust asking price.

Information technology - While information technology has been a key factor in real estate for many years now, it arguably has come into its own right now. Virtual tours, websites, even e-signing mean that it's entirely possible to complete a sale online. We recently wrote an entire blog on the subject.

It's safe - A few weeks ago, residential real estate became listed as an essential service in California. Guidelines were also introduced with recommended best practices to ensure the safety of everyone concerned. Measures include virtual showings wherever possible, electronic communication wherever possible as well as all the usual social distancing and other separation measures.

Customer profile - While a lot of real estate markets will suffer from the economic implications of the crisis, Coronado is somewhat less vulnerable, because our market is dominated by high net worth buyers who are cash buyers, and not concerned about  mortgages etc. On the other hand, mortgage interest is still incredibly low, so there are strong motivations for those buyers too.

More time to spare - When you think about it, many oif us have more thinking time right now, so in one sense for many buyers this is a unique opportunity to focus on a house move.

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