Real Estate Adapts To The New Normal

The Easter weekend always presents opportunities to reflect and, of course, right now there is much to reflect on.

In the past month or so, everyone's daily routines have changed and we have been forced to make a number of adjustments to our lives, many of which haven't been easy at all.

Inevitably, then, some of our plans for 2020 are currently on hold. But that doesn't mean all of them and, as we've clearly seen here in Coronado, people are still looking to sell and buy homes.

There's a huge number of reasons why even the current situation doesn't mean that real estate grinds to anything remotely resembling a halt. That goes a long way to explaining why it has been classified as an essential service in California.

Very simply, people still need to move right now and, equally importantly, they are still able to do so.

As we wrote in a blog last week, the really good news is that the real estate industry already had all the information technology facilities in place prior to this crisis, so adapting to the new normal, as it were, hasn't been that big of a leap. It just means that we are more reliant than ever on the electronic systems that exist to make this situation as easy to cope with as is possible.

The important message is that if you really want or need to move now you can do so. If you want to make adjustments to your property investment portfolio, that can also be achieved.

It's business as usual, but with a few innovative twists to get around the obvious limitations that such a crisis inevitably imposes, including best practices to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Coronado isn't in a vacuum. Homes are selling and new listings are arriving on the market all the time all over the state, and indeed across the nation. So there's still a good degree of fluidity in the market as a whole.

Is it the same sort of market that saw as March began? Of course not, but transactions are happening all the time and it's also true that our adaptability as humans means that we are all making adjustments so that life can continue as normally as it can in these testing circumstances.

So, if you're thinking of buying or selling, why not contact us at 619-886-0175 for an informal chat about how we are working within the current limitations to still achieve the best results for our clients and how this can be applied to your specific circumstances.

Happy Easter and stay safe!.

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