Is IT Important When Selling A Home?

An article on home internet speeds caught our attention in a recent article.

It suggested that fast internet speeds top the lists of must haves for today's home buyers...

That is, of course, a very questionable point when you look at all the features of a home that factor into a purchasing decision.

However, when one starts to really think about this, there's no question that IT facilities in a home are becoming a more important aspect in many buyers' minds.

The key reason for this, of course, is the explosion of working from home in recent months, with the likely outcome that more people will be dispensing with the office commute post-pandemic.

Therefore a home that already has all the facilities needed to create an office, or one that already has one already fitted out, will unquestionably have a leg up, to a degree, over homes without them, for some buyers, but by no means all.

And the attraction of "built-in" IT doesn't end with the speed of internet connection for tech-savvy purchasers.

Last July, we devoted an entire blog to ways in which homes can be made "smarter" with the use of a range of bluetooth/WI-FI controlled devices - click here to read it.

From lighting, to ceiling fans, to chimes, security alarms and sirens, security cameras, even doors and windows, air conditioning, window blinds, even lawn sprinklers, there are now exciting ways to make devices "smart".

As always with selling a home, different things matter to different people, and it's also likely that younger buyers will find this a lot more appealing.

But perhaps the key take away is that, if you're a gadget enthusiast and have created a "smart home" then it's likely to be of appeal to more people than might previously have been the case.

In summary, the MSN article is probably overstating matters, especially in somewhere like Coronado, where luxury features and location have tremendous sway. At the same time, however, it's useful to acknowledge that there's a trend happening out there and, should you decide to have a home customized with smart devices and ultra fast internet, it certainly won't do any harm. Just don't expect every potential buyer to be enthralled by the prospect.

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