How To Stop Clutter Accumulating Around Your Coronado Home In the First Place

It occurred to us the other day that, while we've often suggested you clear your home of clutter, we've never advised on ways to avoid it accumulating in the first place.

In last Friday's blog, we looked at the virtues of minimalist interior design for your home. Clutter obviously has no place in that equation, but how do you avoid it in the first place?

Here are some great tips, most of which are really just changes of habits, that will help to keep your home looking uncluttered.

Mail - Busy schedules can often mean that piles of mail accumulate as we rationalize that we'll sort it out when we get time at the weekend, only to have a busy program then as well. A great philosophy here is to adopt the FAB principle of File, Action, Bin. Mail usually falls into one of those three categories, so try to get into the habit of dealing with it as it arrives each day. You'll find a good quality paper shredder is a wonderful thing to have in this respect. It can be quite therapeutic as you put all that unwanted junk mail to the sword.

Clean and tidy regularly - Rather than save all your cleaning for a concentrated day that never seems to arrive, why not chip away at the process and tidy and get rid of unwanted clutter every day, or at strictly adhered to times of the week. You will likely be very surprised at what a regular few minutes can achieve and, once it becomes an automatic habit, you'll find those long "to do" lists get a lot shorter.

Learn to be ruthless - Not letting go of all sorts of items because they might come in handy at some point is one of the easiest ways to quickly acquire a seriously cluttered home. Is that novel you finished really worth a second read? When was the last time you actually read all those magazines that are in ugly piles around the home? Do you really need lots of old clothes that are either out of style or maybe don't even fit any more?

Switch to electronic magazine subscriptions - Most magazines have an electronic version these days, so why not change your subscription to avoid having physical copies delivered that have a horrible tendency to becoming towering piles of paper that you'll never look at again. Better still, e-subscriptions are almost invariably cheaper and also a lot more environment friendly too. In most cases there'll be an online archive in case you need to refer to something in future. E-books are also another great strategic move for aspiring declutterers.

Involve the whole family - Getting "buy in" on decluttering from all family members is utterly essential if you're going to do this successfully and for good. It only takes one family member who's not as committed as the rest of you and your efforts may be severely compromised. Younger members of the family may be especially difficult to keep motivated, so consider rewarding their efforts with a special treat for sticking to the goals you've set.

Set realistic objectives - Just as bad habits can lead to a lot of clutter, acquiring offsetting good ones can sometimes be an intimidating prospect at first. Taking small steps initially means that you'll progressively see encouraging results as the good habits become second nature. It also pays to set out with a timetable of important milestones, rather than trying to get it all done in an unrealistic and daunting hurry. Regular and often is a great maxim for the dedicated declutterer.

We hope that you find at least some of these tips helpful and we're always happy to advise on the best way to present your home, so don't hesitate to contact us at 619-886-0175.

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