How Smart Is Your Coronado Home?

The last few years have seen an explosion in the number of smart electronic devices for the home.

While adoption has been widespread, many homes still don't benefit from the amazing level of automation that's now available.

In case you're wondering "what's a smart device?", this is essentially an electronic device that can be connected to other devices by Bluetooth, Wi-Fi etc. so that it can be operated interactively and autonomously.

Usually operated via a smartphone or speaker devices like Amazon's Echo, there is now far more functionality available than you might have ever imagined.

How many times have we all driven off and later wondered "did I shut the garage door?" Thanks to services like Wink, there's literally an app for that, whereby you can open and shut the door (connecting with a special door opening trigger device) and also see what the current open/closed status is. Better still, for those occasions when the app tells you that you did indeed leave the door open, you can close it wherever you happen to be, without having to make another journey home.

Wink is just one of a number of services that allow you to control so many aspects of the home, from lighting, to ceiling fans, to chimes, security alarms and sirens, security cameras, even doors and windows!

And that's by no means all! You can now smart control air conditioning, window blinds, switch devices on and off via their electrical outlets, control your lawn sprinklers, play a specific piece of music all over the home, or just where you want to hear it and operate your TV. The list is growing all the time.

So, other than being super impressive and fun to operate, what are the practical benefits?

Smart devices offer great peace of mind. You can be on the other side of the world and access your security cameras to see that all is well back home. If someone is at your front door, you can see who it is with a door bell with built in camera that connects to the internet. Smart control also promotes energy efficiency, so it can save you money and allow you to help the environment too.

If you've retired for the night and, say, forgotten to switch off the TV downstairs or just want to adjust the temperature of the home to be more comfortable, all this can be done without moving your head from the pillow.

Perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of having smart home automation is that you can spread the cost by progressively adding more and more compatible devices over time. Because they work via commonly available and universal systems such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, new devices can simply be added to your apps at a time frame that suits your pocket.

Another common question is "will smart devices add to the value of my home?". As is often the case with specific home features, it's often not possible to put a figure on this. It's probably better to simply recognize that a home without any smart capabilities may be less attractive to many buyers today, especially those who already use them. A "ready-made" smart home means that they won't have to create one, which may also be very appealing. It's just another great way to differentiate your home from other similar ones for sale in your area.

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