Handling An Early Offer For Your Coronado Home

Receiving an early offer for your home is, in many ways, an ideal situation.

On the other hand, it can create uncertainty through the natural thought process that leads one to wonder if an even better offer isn't still out there.

Obviously turning down the first offer can be a very risky move, because there are never any guarantees when the next one will turn up.

Right now, there's more than a fair chance that sellers may receive early offers as buyers are very aware of the great opportunity presented by the current lower mortgage interest rates and they are understandably keen to lock in a very competitive rate as soon as possible.

Here's where working with a great agent pays big dividends. First of all, your agent will have worked with you to price your home optimally, so this gives you a great measure against any offers you receive. That agent will also be aware of the level of other interest in your property and have great current market knowledge to assess the quality of the deal in front of you and, indeed, to suggest if a counter offer is a good strategy.

Clearly all offers require very serious consideration and, although the final call is always yours, having a great agent by your side will give you much greater confidence in what you ultimately decide to do.

Nothing beats experience and we have been #1 in Coronado real estate transactions for over 10 years, with top producing performance in this area stretching over two decades. This puts us in a unique position to guide our clients through every offer received and to provide expert opinion based on an unrivalled knowledge of the local market.

Why not contact us today and find out more about our dedication to providing you with the best representation and advice when selling your home.

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