Great Ways To Stay Cooler In Your Home This Summer

It's officially been summer since last Saturday and this means that we are already well on the way to the warmest average temperatures of the year in Coronado, which peak in August.

Of course we're blessed with a wonderful year round climate here, but nonetheless we are at the time of year when keeping your home cool matters most.

Therefore we thought we'd share some ways of ensuring that you stay as cool as possible in the coming weeks.

Air conditioning - The most obvious way to stay cool is to ensure that your aircon system is operating at full efficiency. And this year it's likely that a lot of homeowners have skipped the annual service due to pandemic concerns. The normal advice would be to make sure your system has had the usual professional checks, but of course that may not be easy to organize right now and some people will not be comfortable with or able to allow any home visitors. But there's still plenty you can do to make the system operate as efficiently as possible, including ensuring there's 18" to 36" of open space on all sides of the external condenser unit and that it has good airflow all around it, including pruning of any obstructing plants, trees and shrubs. It also helps to cool the external unit down each day with a thorough water hosing. Lowe's Home Improvement have also created an excellent short video outlining some of the aspects of servicing you can undertake yourself, including checking the insulation on pipe work and carrying out an annual deep clean to remove debris from inside the unit, ensure vents are clear etc. Here it is:

Air filters -  These must be changed regularly, in accordance with manufacturer recommendations, to ensure maximum system efficiency. As all smartphones have a calendar with an alarm, why not set up a regular reminder for when the filter needs to be changed. This is so easily overlooked in our busy lives, but can help to prevent costly breakdowns and reparations down the road.

Curtains and blinds - Closing these is a great way of lowering the levels of solar heat gain during the day. Clearly thicker curtains and blinds do a better job of this.  

Air leaks - It's not always appreciated that, just as air leaks around window and door perimeters can make a home colder in winter, they can have the opposite effect in summer, because they provide an escape route for cool air. And, as is the case with winter heating, this drives up your cooling costs due to inefficency. Therefore make an inspection for any leakages and seal accordingly.

Ceiling fans - The most obvious check here is to ensure that all your fans are switched to run counter clockwise to help distribute cool air around the house and create a nice breeze. And when it comes to ceiling fans, it's literally a case of the more the merrier, as you can strategically position them around the home to create the most pleasant air flow configuration. They are also an extremely useful augmentation in areas of the home where the aircon either doesn't reach or is less efficient. These days there are even clever semi-sealed designs that faciliate safe use in kids' bedrooms that have bunk beds, for example.

Mobile fans - A great an inexpensive way of providing custom instant cool spots where they are needed, such as at a desk or workbench. Economical too.

Window fans - Another good way to provide extra ventilation.

Trees - If your home has no external natural shade, planting trees is a great long term solution. Obviously not a quick fix.

Awnings - A very stylish solution to providing shade over windows and glazed doors.

Internal doors - Keep these open to encourage air circulation.

LED lighting - The latest LED solutions generate much less heat.

Computers - These can generate a surprisingly high amount of heat, so switch them off or put into sleep mode when not in use.

Appliances - Try to keep use of these to a minimum at the warmest times. Eating cold foods, or even barbecuing outdoors, means that your oven doesn't act as a heater.

Smart home solutions - Today's vast range of smart devices enable you to control devices to assist in cooling, from setting your aircon temperature to switching on and controlling the speed of ceiling fans that have appropriate built-in connectivity.

We hope that at least some of these tips help you to stay cool this summer. As ever, please don't hesitate to call us at 619-886-0175 if you have any questions or concerns related to real estate.

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