Choosing The Right Coronado Location For You

The ideal situation for any home buyer is to get it all right first time and move into a property that ticks all the boxes.

In the real world, of course, there will often be things you would like to change about the home but one thing you simply don't get a second chance on is the location.

It is therefore essential that you do a good deal of prior research as part of the initial short listing process.

Of course different locations will suit different buyers. Everyone has their own priorities and needs, which makes it even more important to literally do your "homework" on the areas you're considering.

A lot also depends on if you are new to the area or not.

Newcomers clearly have a lot more work to do than established Coronado residents who will already have acquired considerable information on what each area offers.

Nonetheless, having a checklist can really help to ensure you've covered all the bases.

Here are some key things to do/consider:

Check it out - Visit the area at different times of the day. Not everywhere stays the same throughout each 24 hour cycle, so it pays dividends to check out the locale not at morning, afternoon and evening and possibly different times of the week.

Talk - Don't be afraid to talk with your potential neighbors about the area. You'll find people are often very willing to give you an analysis of the pros and cons. This is really useful information, because you get to hear what it's like to live there from the people who know it best.

Wants list - It makes great sense to create a simple list of things you want from the location. This will naturally be specific to your individual needs and helps to balance the realities of what the location offers, compared to the opinions of current residents who will always have at least slightly different needs to your own. When you've completed your area research, and if you've marked each area, you'll be able to see which one best suits your most important requirements.

Infrastructure - Again, your own needs will dictate the importance of, for example, good public transport access and what local facilities are nearby, i.e leisure/shopping/medical etc. It's also worth looking at infrastructure from the viewpoint that, as you age, your needs may change significantly. So striking a balance between current and possible future requirements is a good maxim and should enable you to establish a location that's right for the long term.

Schools - Depending on whether you have kids or not, quality of/proximity to schools may or may not seem to be an important factor. If you don't have kids it can still be a consideration for when you might sell the home.

Future development - Try to establish what the local zoning looks like and what plans there may be for future development. This can, of course, have a potentially positive or negative effect on your home's value.

We hope that the above general pointers help you to focus your home search. But you are not alone and we are always happy to listen to your needs and help you to find locations that match what you're looking for. It's something we've been doing for over two decades in Coronado. Why not contact us today for an informal chat at 619-886-0175.

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