Staying At Home & Fit and Well? It's The Perfect Time To Make Improvements

With our heartfelt thanks to all of Coronado's wonderful first responders and healthcare professionals, most of the rest of us will be spending the vast majority of our time at home in the coming weeks.

It is, of course, a great time to relax and put your feet up, if you're fit and well, and to stay safe in general, but many folks will inevitably start to get itchy feet and want to do something.

Home improvements are a great way to give you a strong sense of achievement. Better yet, if you're planning to sell your home at some point soon, it's actually a great time investment too.

Here are some of the areas you might consider:

Carry out an audit of your interior's condition - If you have time on your hands, why not take a clipboard, pen and paper around the house and make note of all the jobs that need doing. This creates a list of jobs for you to attend to in the weeks to come.

Paintwork - Do you have chipped paintwork? Well now's a great time to do any necessary filling and touch up those areas. If you're feeling more ambitious, why not go for a fresh now look throughout the home.

Declutter - Being at home for an extended period of time can bring the clutter in your home into sharper focus, so why not clean up and create more space and give the room a more airy feeling. It will very likely make you feel better about having to spend so many hours at home too.

Fix faulty items - Leaking faucet? Why put repairing it off any longer! Remember that when small problems like this are spotted by potential buyers, many will automatically assume that there are hidden issues waiting to be discovered.

Create a smart home - Take a look at the blog we wrote a little while ago looking at all the smart home automation devices you can install these days. It's the perfect time to make your home "smarter" and more secure.

Spring cleaning - It's officially spring next week so it's quite literally the right time for a total spring clean. The other important benefit, especially in the current situation, is that it will ensure more surfaces are germ free.

We hope these ideas help to point you in the right direction of things you can do to keep occupied and simultaneously improve your home. As ever, we're always thrilled to answer any questions relating to real estate at 619-886-0175

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