Knowing When To Leave - Signs That It's Time To Buy A New Home

While there's no question that now is a great time to be selling your home, with so much positive buyer sentiment, first of all you need to have a good reason for selling.

There are many motivations for wanting to move, so here are some that you might identify with.

You've outgrown the home - The size of your family may have increased due to having more kids or, as quite commonly happens these days, your adult offspring are still living at home, or elderly relatives have moved in. Alternatively you may have acquired more stuff than comfortably fits the home well and don't want to offload it, for one reason or another. Outgrowing a home is arguably the most obvious reason for needing a bigger place. The best approach here is to, wherever possible, buy a property that's large enough to grow with your needs. That's not always possible of course and the need to move will be very obvious.

The kids have left home - The opposite to the above situation is when the kids have left home and you and suddenly find yourself rattling around in a bigger place than you need. Downsizing becomes an obvious option here. But perhaps the "down" part of the word creates the wrong impression sometimes. Downsizing doesn't mean moving downscale. A great option is to move into a smaller, but more upscale property.

Retirement approaches - Retirement can be a very liberating moment in our lives. Your location may have been chosen due to its close proximity to your work, so the onset of retirement sets up a situation where your current location isn't so vital any more. You may also want a home that is requires less maintenance as you age. Another possibility is that you want to explore the nation in an RV, so downsizing can also help to finance that.

Making a fresh start - Our homes are a canvas on which much of our lives are painted. They therefore hold many memories and sadly not all of them may be good ones, such as in a divorce or bereavement situation. Therefore a new home creates a brand new canvas, as it were. Or it may simply be a case that you fancy new surroundings, having gotten bored with the present ones.

You've grown out of your location - Location is one of the key factors when choosing a home. However the reasons for choosing a particular area can change as we grow older. When you bought the house, close night life and other activities might have been a key motivator. Obviously that tends to change as we age and you may now crave a more peaceful laid back setting. Sometimes development of an area means that the location changes its character and that may not be to your liking. Whatever the specific motivations, feeling out of place in your surroundings provides a big incentive to move.

Obviously the above is not an exhaustive set of circumstances, but maybe you identify with at least one of them. We have been the Coronado area's leader in real estate transactions for over 10 years, with over two decades of experience in this market, so feel free to call us on 619-886-0175 if you'd like to further explore possibilities. We'll be delighted to assist.

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