It's Never Too Early To Engage With An Agent For Your Coronado Home Sale

Even if you're planning to sell your home later in the year it's never too early to link up with a top producing agent.

There's a tendency for sellers to not start the agent recruitment process until just before they plan to list. This actually means that they risk missing a number of additional things that agents can help them with in the run up to this deadline.

Getting the home ready - If your home's in top condition, it stands a much better chance of achieving top dollar! Great agents are able to offer advice and help you in the co-ordination of staging of your home ready for buyers. The earlier the better!

Monitoring market trends - Appointing an agent as soon as possible means that you will have an expert looking at a wide range of local market data for you. This can be especially useful in terms of helping to optimize what is exactly the right moment for you to list, so that golden opportunities aren't missed.

Creating interest in the home even before you've listed - When an agent knows that a home will be listed at some point in the near future, it enables him/her to begin the key process of talking as early as possible with the best buyer's agents in the area about the property. In fact, it is not unknown for an offer to be made before any other marketing has commenced!

Planning your next move - The majority of home sellers will be looking to buy another place. Early engagement with your agent means that you will have someone looking out every day for what meets your specification for your next residence. Even if you're moving away from the area, elite agents have excellent networks across the nation, meaning that they can put you in the hands of a professional of equal capability in your planned new location.

Your personal real estate advisor - Your agent is there for you 24/7 in terms of being on hand to answer any questions or concerns you might have leading up to the selling process. This often helps to elminate potential problems before they even occur.

With over 20 years of experience in the Coronado market and as the #1 agent for transactions in the area since 2009, we are in a fantastic position to engage with you early so that you can fully access our knowledge and contact base. No matter when you are thinking of selling, it's never too soon to contact us on 619-886-0175 for an informal chat. We do look forward to speaking with you.

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